B401-ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) version is available on request. The sensor has an analog output signal which can be single or redundant. The output voltage range is chosen by the customer between 0 and 5V. Power supply 5V +/-10%, linearity +/-1%.

Featuring AISI 316 stainless steel lever and bezel, the B401-ETC has a sleek and modern design which is ideal for sailboats.

B401-ETC has an universal control mechanism that allows for both “push” or “pull” for throttle and shift, push button warm up, and will accept 33C style cables without any adapters.

• 316 stainless steel lever and flange for a better resistance in the marine environment
• Enables easy and safe shifting by preventing accidental gear engagement unless engine is idling
• Can be installed horizontally or vertically, on the starboard or port side of the boat
• Provided with a throttle friction system easily adjustable
• Push-in button for throttle operation in Neutral (ENGINE WARM UP).
• Neutral safety switch X41 – 38130F included prevents in-gear starting
• Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X41 safety switch is installed
• Accept Ultraflex C2, C8, MACHZero control cables (no kit required)