Redundant electronic steering system, a reliable way to reduce steering effort, tuning your driving and enhancing steering experience at the technology top.

• Designed for single, dual, triple or quad outboard engines
• Available for multiple steering station applications
• It can handle up to 4 engines with a single power unit
• Powerful output, great efficiency and quickest response
• Automatic Power Selector to ensure optimal voltage
• Heavy duty steering cylinder with embedded CAN bus position sensor
• Very low amperage draw at idle
• Veratron-VDO color display
• Direct interface with Garmin® Reactor™ 40 steer by wire autopilot and display
• Meeting the following standards: ISO 25197, ISO 10592, ABYC P21, P24, P27
• Ignition protected SAEJ1171

• UIH Tilt mount electronic helm
X52 adjustable steering wheel tilt mechanism
• UID Veratron-VDO color display
• BCM Body Control Module – CAN Bus network module
• UIP Electro-hydraulic power unit
• UC120E heavy duty hydraulic cylinder with integrated sensor
• UC120P-OBF heavy duty hydraulic cylinder port side for multiple engine applications
• Tie bar according to the specific application
KIT OB-SVS hydraulic kevlar hoseswith pre crimped fittings
• CAN Bus wires Can Bus power wires
• KBD3 Purging kit with twin spiralled hoses with connectors (optional)
• OL460 3 litres hydraulic oil bottles