A96 Tie Bars

Tie bars with brackets For twin outboard engine/single UC128-OBF or UC130-SVS cylinder

• Suitable for applications with single UC128-OBF or UC130-SVS front mount cylinder
• Allows to tilt the engines independently
• Stainless steel components
• Electropolished stainless steel ball joints

• 2 different lengths available:
From 26” (660,4 mm) to 29” (736.6 mm) twin engine centers
From 29” (736.6 mm) to 34.5” (873,76 mm) twin engine centers

ATTENTION: As the tiller arm position varies from engine to engine and the distance between two engines is not predictable, unexpected interferences may occur while tilting. A duly check of the tie bar installation is then strongly recommended. Should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to refer to our Technical Service.