SilverSteer™ SVS helms have been specifically designed for high torque outboard applications such as bass boats, and boats with shallow dead rise and high horsepower engines.
Featuring a 1500 psi (105 Bar) pressure valve, SilverSteer™ helms will deliver very precise steering at all torque loads.
The SVS helms have to be coupled with the UC130-SVS cylinders and the Kit OB-SVS hoses, which are also specifically designed for high torque applications.
SVS Helm pumps feature stainless steel shafts and 90° adjustable nickel-plated brass fittings.

• Available in three different displacement sizes
• Compact design
• Ball bearing piston race
• Built-in lock valve for positive rudder lock (patented)
• Integral relief valve for over-pressure protection 105 bar (1500 psi)
• Stainless steel shaft
• Easily accessible lock valve and shaft seal for replacement
• Cast iron rotor for greater durability and longer life
• Complete with 90° adjustable fittings for 3/8” hose
• Tilt mechanism for SilverSteer™ systems:  X70-SVS – Tilt range of 48° and five locking positions
KIT F (optional): remote fill adapter

WARNING: The SilverSteer™ helm pumps are always to be installed in conjunction with the UC130-SVS cylinder and the Kevlar reinforced hose kit KIT OB-SVS.