Two lever / single action control: each lever operates separately either the throttle or the shift
Suitable for any type of boat with outboard engine or I/O power plants

• Especially suitable for jet boats, throttle and/or shift control is provided by a 0-5V voltage signal.
• Flush mount suitable for exposed positions such as fly bridge
• Levers structure made of die cast zinc alloy provided with a soft thermoplastic ergonomical handgrip
• Adjustable friction to avoid throttle creep and positive detent for shift
• Provided with an interlock kit to prevent accidental gear engagement
• Adjustable ratchet for precise throttle operation obtained applying to the gas lever the optional kit K52 – 37382B
• Neutral safety switch X12 – 34543Q included prevents in-gear starting
• Raked throttle handle and straight gear handle for a better manoeuvering
• Exceeds EN ISO 11547 standards when X12 safety switch is installed
• For use with Ultraflex C2, C8, MACHZero and all 33C style engine control cables
• Ultraflex C22 and all 43C style cables require K22 – 34713Q connection kit